In 1971 UNESCO team discovered in a Tibetan monastery clay tiles with a unique recipe for rejuvenation. The prescription for “the elixir of youth” was dated about 4-5 centuries B.C., has been translated on all languages and circulated all over the world.

According to the Tibetan recipe, which is a type of garlic extract, the benefits are as follow:

  • Cleans accumulated fat out of the body and rinses out insoluble calcium
  • Improves metabolism and decreases body weight by bringing it to normal weight.
  • Dissolves blood clots, cleanses blood vessels and prevents arteriosclerosis.
  • Prevents and cures ischemia, hypertension, sinusitis and pulmonary disease.
  • Takes away headaches.
  • Cures rheumatism, arthritis and osteoarthritis.
  • Cures gastritis, stomach ulcers and hemorrhoids.
  • Shrinks or dissolves all types of internal and external tumors
  • Improves sight and hearing
  • Regenerates the entire body

Unfortunately the recipe can not be repeated for five years.
People with stomach problems should be careful, the thing is everyone taking any medications (especially anticoagulants) should first ask their doctor. Also during the first days different reactions may occur such as skin rashes, dizziness, headache or stomach pain. Many of these causes are due to the detoxifying action of garlic in our body, but if they persist or get worse, the treatment should be stopped.
 In all cases, I recommend checking with your doctor, therapist or other competent health care professional.

How to do it:

  • Peel and crush finely 350 grams garlic- don’t use metal
  • Take 200 grams from the bottom where it is more juicy and place it in a glass jar.
  • Pour 200ml. alcohol 75 degrees or more.
  • Seal and keep in a cold and dark place for 10 days.
  • Filtrate through a solid piece of cloth, put in a jar, seal and let it stay in a dark and cold place for another 3 days.
  • Than take the following exact number of drops in 50 ml. raw milk or water 20 minutes before meal:


                  Day                      Morning                         Noon                            Evening

                  1                         1 drop                           2 drops                         3 drops

                  2                         4 drops                          5 drops                         6 drops

                  3                         7 drops                          8 drops                         9 drops

                  4                         10 drops                        11 drops                       12 drops

                  5                         13 drops                        14 drops                       15 drops

                  6                         15 drops                        14 drops                       13 drops

                  7                         12 drops                        11 drops                       10 drops

                  8                         9 drops                          8 drops                         7 drops

                  9                         6 drops                          5 drops                         4 drops

                  10                       3 drops                          2 drops                         1 drop


Furthermore 3 x 25 drops, until it ends.