Also Announces FDA approval to begin first in Human Adenoviral Vaccine  Trials for Patients with Her 2 positive Breast Cancer, another Cancer Moonshot 2020 milestone

 CULVER CITY, Calif. – May 10, 2016 – Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong CEO of NantWorks and founder of Cancer Moonshot 2020, today announced that a novel genetically engineered adenovirus vaccine designed to treat colon cancer showed, in Phase II testing, a more than doubling of survival rate, with little to no toxicity, with some patients alive now more than five years after receiving the colon vaccine while on no other therapy. Dr. Soon-Shiong said that the vaccine which treated more than 30 patients with metastatic colon cancer, who had failed over 5 rounds of chemotherapy and had an overall life expectancy of 4.5 months, showed what he believed to be very promising and exciting results.

He told attendees that the novel vaccine, a genetically engineered common cold virus (Adenovirus) armed with the unique biological signature of the patient’s tumor antigen (CEA), is injected under the skin like a flu shot to find and direct the dendritic cell to activate the killer T-Cells, thus beginning to intelligently orchestrate the patient’s immune system to lead to lifelong immunity against the tumor cell. In this trial with patients who failed all standard forms of therapy and expected historical survival rate of less than 4.5 months, the median survival was more than doubled after receiving the vaccine.

“Cancer care is undergoing a paradigm shift from highly toxic, high dose chemotherapy to considerably less toxic immunotherapy,” said Dr. Soon-Shiong. “Through incredible advances in super-computing and next-generation bioinformatics, we can now rapidly unearth the tumor’s genetic makeup and unique properties. This makes feasible the development of patient-specific vaccines directed against individual tumor associated antigens, which reflect mutations in a patient’s tumor.”

Dr. Soon-Shiong said that with the promising results of the colon cancer vaccine, the FDA has now also approved the vaccine for trials with patients with her 2 positive breast cancer. This trial, supported by NantBio, will lead to studies including the very aggressive form of breast cancer known as triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC)


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